The reason this 8 Week coaching program works so well is because;

1. You will have the right nutrition plan that best suits your body. I have been designing personalized weight loss nutrition plans since 1994. I’ve also taken my body fat levels below 4% on several occasions to compete in National bodybuilding comps. I know the science of weight loss, and we are all different when it comes to what works.

2. You’re kept motivated and accountable with several messages from me each week, checking in on you. It’s one thing to have the ideal nutrition plan, but it’s another thing to adhere to it consistently, and this is the ‘weak spot’ for most people wanting to lose weight. The frequent check-ins are the solution. 

This 8-week program is really easy to follow. 


STEP 1: Join Up

STEP 2: Then we design your personal menu plan. You will be in regular contact with me as I design your initial weight loss meal plan. This plan is based on the foods you like, and is easy for you to follow.  

STEP 3: Follow the menu plan, and keep a written food diary as you go.  Send me your food diary on Mondays and again on Fridays. This frequency prevents you from straying off the plan.

STEP 4: This also allows me to make adjustments to your meal plan, based on your feedback and you rate of weight loss. 

Your personal menu plan can cater for:

Dairy Free, Gluten Free and other food sensitivities. 

Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian.

Intermittent fasting.

Working out, optimizing recovery, and/or sports performance.

I have worked with people of all ages, from teens to those in their 70’s with a multitude of other factors like: age-related lifestyles, medical conditions, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, food psychology.  

The program fee is $697 NZD ($415 USD)


Whole Food Nutrition

Easy to Follow

Macro Tracking

Results Focused

Flexi Fasting 2


Strategic Carb Placement

Smart Carb Placement

Fat Burning Workouts

Maximum Fat Burning


Motivation & Accountability

Join now and allow yourself to be amazed!

You can still enjoy your favorite foods as no food is banned.

The meals will work with the family meals. 

Only 2 food lists: foods that promote weight loss and foods that ‘pause’ weight loss.

No calorie counting. 

Designed to burn fat as you go about your morning routine.

You will avoid the common mistake that ruins the majority of weight loss attempts. 

After the 8 week program you can continue your weight loss journey by joining the membership to continue your momentum and optimize your results. 

Still unsure? What about a money back guarantee!

I will guarantee you, that if you follow the 8 week program you will definitely lose weight and be very happy with the service you receive. If for any reason you are not happy with the service you receive you can ask for your money back. 

Your satisfaction is my guarantee or your money back.

 There are only two conditions of this guarantee:
  1. you need to submit your food diaries as requested (so I can make the adjustments as needed)
  2. you need to implement the adjustments I recommend in good faith.

There is no reason for your to not do this!

Remember, If you continue to do the same, you'll get the same outcome...
or possibly worse if you develop health issues as a result of your current diet and lifestyle.

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