Men's 6 Week Fat Loss Program.

Get leaner, stronger, healthier and more energized in the next 6 weeks!

Men's Program

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Your risk-free guarantee.

Your satisfaction is my guarantee or your money back.

I will guarantee you, that if you follow my program you will lose weight and be very happy with the service you receive, and if your not you will get your money back.

The conditions of this guarantee are:

  1. you need to submit your food diaries on time as per the program
  2. you need to implement the menu adjustments as recommended, in good faith. 

Let’s do this! Smash the fat loss, so you can feel great, look great and be great! 



Membership Program

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Following the six-week program, you can continue to burn fat and achieve your next goal with a DG membership. 

Continued personal coaching with weekly food diary submissions on Mondays and Fridays.

Adjustments are made to prevent plateaus, and boredom and to keep the nutritional intake varied.

Continue with the flexi-fasting and carb cycling. 

Goal setting for a fresh focus at the beginning of each month.

Exercise advice, incorporation of mobility, and functional exercises if interested. 

Being a member means you’re kept accountable, so you won’t ‘drift’ backwards, you stay on your journey to optimal health.


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