Guy's, you can
achieve the body you want!

I'll coach you to live the healthy lifestyle that I live. It's not super-strict at all, and you'll be amazed at how easy it is.

With the right menu plan you can turn every day into a fat-burning day and each morning you will wake up that little bit leaner.

If you lift weights I'll show you how to build that sculpted lean physique you've always wanted.

I'll coach you all the way.

Dean Geddes Client AC

Picture yourself with that flatter stomach.

Your clothes fitting nicely.

People commenting and asking if you’ve been working out.

The confidence you feel when you take your shirt off.

Having more energy to get loads more done.

That good feeling you get when you walk into a crowded room looking sharp.

You may even get more action! 

How it works


I will design you a personal meal/menu plan based on the foods you like and are convenient. 


You follow the plan, and keep a food diary of what you eat, along with your morning weight. Then send me a copy every 3-4 days. 


Over the next 6 weeks I will adjust your meal plan based on how your body is responding, so you get maximum weight loss. 


Most importantly, you are kept accountable and motivated with regular messaging. 


After the 6 weeks, you can join the membership plan and continue losing weight with me for as long as you want. Or you can switch to maintenance of your new weight.

It's easy...


You receive 2 easy-to-follow food lists. One list is the foods that promote weight loss and the other list is the foods that ‘pause’ weight loss.


You can still have your favorite foods. No food is banned. Learn how to enjoy them without ruining your progress. 


You have 24/7 contact to answer any questions you have.  


Exercise is optional, as we will use flexi-fasting to burn fat, but if you can go for walks you’ll lose weight faster. 


If you do exercise, I will show you the best way to get maximum fat burning.


Maintenance of your new healthier, leaner body is easy. 

Unmatched value, unmatched results!

The 6 Week Program Fee is $597 NZD / $375 USD

I'll make it risk-free for you!

I will guarantee you, that if you follow my program closely, you will lose a lot of weight and be very happy with the service you receive. If not, you let me know and you will get your money back. 

You have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

 The two conditions of this guarantee are:
  1. you need to submit your food diaries as requested.
  2. you need to implement the adjustments I recommend, in good faith.

You have nothing to lose except unwanted fat!

You can’t 

out-train a bad diet. 

FAQ answers

You have the option of 2 ‘treat’ meals a week, where you can have whatever you like. So no food is banned.

There are nutrition strategies for social occasions and dining out.

The meals are quick and easy to prepare.

Options for buying your meals.

You don’t need to exercise (but you will lose more, & faster if you do).

You’ll likely save on food costs.

You don’t have to have shakes or protein bars.

Dairy-free and vegetarian options available.

If you don’t like vegetables, there is a strategy.

There is a strategy in case you have a calorie blow-out.

The 2 Tanks System means you can never ‘ruin your diet’ again. 

If you’re unsure of anything simply send a text.

Your meals wont upset the family meals.

You don’t have to prepare a weeks worth of meals in advance.

Start today and get
the body you dream of.

Happy online clients...

I can't thank Dean enough! I worked with him in preparation for my wedding and it removed so much stress and worry. In fact my dress maker was getting annoyed with me as I kept losing weight each time I saw her.
My idea of a healthy diet has completely changed. I was eating too much of what I now know to be the wrong foods. This needs to be taught in schools.
The advice and motivation I get from checking in with Dean each week really helps me stay focused.
Mike Stewart
Dean helped me get in the best shape of my life for my 50th! His advice and regular check-ins made all the difference.
Tim G
Business Owner
I started at 121 kg. After 6 weeks I am down to 110.8 kgs. I just send photos of my food diary and Dean tells me what adjustments to make.
Mike W.
I was pre-diabetic when I first started working with Dean. Now my HbA1c is back to normal and I don't have to worry any more. I can still eat sugary foods, without the stress.
James K.

Let Me Help You!

I’ll design you healthy, fat-loss lifestyle menu plans that will transform you mentally and physically. No hard diets, no more plateaus, it’s time for my help.

Other payment options


Pay $375 USD by using your WISE account by email or phone.

Search for +6421534531 



NEW ZEALAND: Bank Transfer

Pay $597 NZD inc gst.

Account holder: Dean Geddes Nutrition Limited

ASB 12 3019 0651616 00

If you pay by credit card you will then be automatically redirected to the ‘Welcome’ page.

If you pay another way then please email me once you have paid and I will send you the link to the “Welcome’ page.

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