Services Available

Nutrition Consultations

Weight Loss: Highly personalized plans designed based on the foods you like, that are convenient for you and offer enough variety. The goal is to keep it as ‘easy to follow’ as possible while still producing weight (fat) loss each week.  

Sports Nutrition: Have confidence you are optimizing both your performance and your recovery, by having the right amounts of protein, carbs, and fats, at the right times. 

Also available: Anti-inflammatory, | Vegetarian- Vegan | Type 2 Pre-Diabetes Management & Reversal | Bodybuilding Contest Prep | Post-Natal | Hormone Re-balancing plans. With over 27 years of experience, Dean has vast experience with all types of specialist diets. 

Personal Training

Personal Training without doubt is the fastest way for you to get the awesome results you’re after. 

Avoid wasting time on ineffective exercises. Be motivated and kept accountable. Aside from the body-shaping aspects of building muscle and burning fat, strength training also increases bone density, improves hormone profile, speeds your metabolism, reduces stress and can aid in a better sleep.

If you want a more athletic physique, just start! 

Online Weight Loss Coaching

Simply keep a food diary of what you typically eat and at the end of the week take a photo of it and send it to Dean. Dean will review it, and message you back with small adjustments to make to your food choices, along with words of encouragement. Your kept accountable and motivated each week. 

Caliper Body Fat Skinfold Tests

Have your body composition tested regularly to make sure you are making progress. The body composition test is an upper body skinfold caliper test and tape measurements. From the changes in your numbers  Dean can accurately assess how your body is responding and to make the necessary adjustments to keep you on track. You don’t want to spend a month exercising to discover you’re not making much progress.

Stretching + Mobility + Myofascial Release Sessions

The most effective way to release muscle tension and alleviate joint pain and inflammation is with myofascial release. If you have neck, shoulder, knee, elbows, or lower back issues then this is for you. End the pain and get back to full mobility.

Workplace Wellness Programme

Improve employee health and sense of wellbeing. Less sick days, more energy, which flows through to productivity. 

Positive organizational culture. Team members support each other and share their experiences and encourage healthy habits. 

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