About Dean

BCApSc Human Nutrition (Otago University).

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer since 1994.

Former Competitive Bodybuilder (ages 27 and 40).

Author Superfast Weight Loss for Women.

Youth coaching of Basketball at various times. 

Currently 52 years of age, married with a 17 year old son. 

Photo was taken in the lead up to Xmas 2023. Kept the diet tight, but I had too many excuses for not doing cardio. Still enjoying a couple of beers each night, flexi-fasting and kept it tight on the carb intake.

My Mission

To help those of you who are keen to lose weight, to do so in the smartest and easiest way possible. Using the foods you like to eat, and avoiding the common mistakes. 

If you're serious about losing weight I'll make it happen.

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