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In just 8 weeks you'll be looking and feeling great!

Designed so you burn fat as you go about your day

Your own personal plan and private coach

Backed by science and proven results

Constant support and motivation

No requirement to exercise if you don't want to/can't

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Whole Food Nutrition

Easy Menu Plans

Macro Tracking

Based on Science

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Strategic Carb Placement

Strategic Carb Placement

Fat Burning Workouts

Fat Burning Workouts


Ongoing Motivation

Here's a gift so you can start leaning up right now.



This is the best way to structure your exercise for burning fat.
Don't waste another workout, read this first.

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    11 Reasons Why This Works

    There is no strict dieting, as that causes resentment and burnout. You still get meals off. 

    The plans are based on the laws of biochemistry and physiology that determine weight loss. 

    The meal plans are designed for you and your lifestyle. 

    You don’t have to prepare all your meals in advance. 

    You don’t have to exercise if you don’t want to. We will use your metabolism, along with some mini-fasting.

    The meals will fit easily with the family meals. 

    You will be given strategies for when you’re travelling or on holiday.

    There are strategies for social occasions and when at restaurants.

    You don’t have to give up your favorite foods.

    With this approach, maintaining your weight loss is easy. 

    You will be kept accountable and motivated several times each week. 

    Your no-risk guarantee!
    Your satisfaction or your money back.

    No matter your age and stage, this will work for you. 

    If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, let me know and you can ask for your money back.

    The only two conditions of this guarantee are:
    1. you need to submit your food diaries on time so I can make adjustments.
    2. you need to implement the adjustments as recommended in good faith.

    You have nothing to lose except unwanted fat! 

    Happy Customers

    "I was the only person over Christmas who lost weight, the rest of my extended family gained and I lost 4kgs. Your theory does work and I will be spreading the news!"
    Carla Thompson
    "I started working with Dean in April this year, since then I have managed to dropped just over 20 kgs with his help".
    Dan M.
    “It's so easy to be committed totally knowing that what you are doing is right and it works, instead of the stress of worrying about whether you are putting in a whole lot of effort for no results".
    Fiona M
    "I never thought I could see results like this. I have a plan to follow and that makes it easy. I don't have to think".
    Tim G

    Let me coach you to your new body

    Dean Geddes Profile

    I've been training clients and designing nutrition plans since 1994.

    I know what works in terms of food choices and combinations.

    I know the psychology that goes along with losing weight, I know the challenges and the distractions.

    Let me coach you, you'll lose weight and feel great or you get your money back.

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