Build a Strong, Athletic,
Sculpted Physique with
Personal Training.

The 10 Week PT Program
with nutrition

AG Personal Training

Personal Training without doubt is the fastest way for you to change your shape and boost your metabolism. 

We only do the best exercises for your body and your goals. You will avoid wasting time on ineffective exercises, or doing those exercises that put you at a greater risk of injury. 

Personal Training creates consistency, which is crucial to the attainment of your goals. You won’t skip workouts, as you’ll be motivated and kept accountable. 

Weight training (resistance training) allows you to build shapely muscles that speeds up your metabolism, improves bone density, and promotes a good hormone profile.

Become strong and confident in your body’s abilities.

Because it’s private there’s no waiting around for equipment, you get a lot done in your workout.

You receive the full nutrition program including 24/7 support, twice weekly food diary analysis, motivation, and accountability so you get the results you deserve. 

Dean Geddes Client Training

sTEP 1: initial Nutrition Consultation

We need to dedicate the time to design your personal nutrition plan first, as this will have a huge impact on your results.

 We can also do caliper skinfold assessment to see how much muscle and fat mass you have. Then we can track the changes with regular tests during your PT session and assess how fast you are losing fat. Nutrition will be discussed in your training sessions, and any notes/adjustments will be emailed to you.

Note the initial nutrition consultation counts towards your training sessions.


sTEP 2: Personal Training

You can train no matter your age, fitness level, or injury status. Workouts are tailored to your body.

We make you functionally strong, there’s no sitting on machines doing single muscle movements, that type of training is redundant.

No two workouts are the same, I mix it up to keep you engaged and your body challenged.  

2 X 30 min PT sessions per week for 10 weeks is $1380 

1 x 45 min PT session per week for 10 weeks is $1049

2 x 45 min PT sessions/week for 10 weeks for $1749. 


I will transform your body and mindset.

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