Train in private. There's no waiting for machines, means you can get a lot done. No one coughing all over the place, to make you sick. 

Workouts Specific To You. No generic fitness classes, that dont address your individual goals and needs of your body. 

Build Muscle Shape and Strength

Improve Your Balance and Mobility.

Fix Muscle Imbalances that cause injuries. 

Regular Skin Fold Tests to make sure you're burning fat and leaning up. 

Discuss your Nutrition between exercises.

Accountability so you stick with the healthy lifestyle until it becomes your new way of living.


Dean Geddes Home Gym


Dean Geddes Gym 2


30 minute PT sessions are $69

45 minute PT sessions are $90

You will do 2 or 3 exercises in quick succession, before you have a 'breather' (these are known as 'giant sets') so you get through lot of exercises in your workout. Stretching and myofascial release can also be done while you're having a breather. 

No two workouts are the same. I make sure each session is different from the last session.

You are most welcome to have a trail session (at the above fee rate) to see if its what you're looking for. Send me an email or text message.


 Tricep Arm Exercise